Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My French Press

My friend's who know me well understand there is nothing I like better than a perfect cup of coffee. If I wake up and go to the cabinet and there is no coffee.....let's just say it isn't pretty. We make our coffee in an 8 cup french press that my hubby gave me as a gift many years ago.  There are lot's of good "how to" video's out there with regards to making the best press coffee. I choose the pour and dump technique.

 One of our favorite brands of coffee is the Eight O'Clock French Roast. It came highly rated in the Consumer Reports magazine many years ago and does not break the bank. If you like your coffee really fresh you might want to buy your beans whole and grind them fresh for each press. We now either grind it in the store or buy it pre-ground. Coffee doesn't sit around this house for too long.

I fill the press in between the 4-6 cup mark with coffee, pour in boiling water, let it steep for 4 minutes (picture below), stir and press. Many people then pour their coffee into an insulated container to not only keep it warm but so it doesn't get too strong. Again, I am not a rule follower when it comes to making coffee so I leave it in my press.

Ahh! Now I can enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

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quilter1101 said...

Enjoying your new blog. What beautiful lake photos. I'm inspired to try the french press method of coffee making. - Aunt Sandra