Monday, July 18, 2011

Traveling with kid's made easy!

With vacation time upon us I thought I would share a few ways our boys keep busy while we travel. Have you ever gotten the question "Are we there yet?" or "How much longer?" When I pull one of these ideas out of my magic bag every hour it helps make our trip go smoother and seem faster.

We are huge library users and love listening to books on CD. These are a few my children agree on. We also like Geronimo Stilton stories.

My boys have spent countless hours pouring over this book. If you have a Star Wars or Lego fan in your house it is guaranteed to be a huge hit.

I recently picked up a few crayola items and they are working out well.

I like this notepad because you can make your own drawings but different colors appear underneath.

This is a dry erase travel pack. It comes with pre-printed pictures inside but I am sure you could print your own and then cut them to size.

My Aunt made these wonderful travel bags for the kid's. Complete with their own pillow! The boys go around the house and pick their favorite items/toys to put inside.

These sticker books have been great too!

And then......... there are always the electronics. Yes I caved! Both boys have a Nintendo DS and we also use a DVD player in the van. How do you keep your children busy?

Happy Traveling!
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Anonymous said...

Just finally got a chance today to sit down and check out your blog. St Ends...I'm so proud of you. It's a great display of your creative talents! Love ya and can't wait to keep up with you on here! Love you lots. Be Fri

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