Friday, August 19, 2011

Historic Homes!

If you haven't noticed I have a love for old things! It just so happens that our town is really old. Today I thought I would give you a tour of  a few of my favorite homes.

This house was originally a school. My friend Amy, her husband Steve and 3 children lived here for many years. I found it very fitting because she is a teacher herself. There door was always open and children were constantly coming and going. They now have a wonderful life in Texas but I miss them. Currently it is a Bed & Breakfast.

The upper floor was never completely finished so only the first two floors were lived in. However, the top floor was good for exploring and playing. If I remember correctly each floor has 3,000 square feet. You all may be wondering if my girlfriend had a cleaning lady? Yes she did, herself! 

Do you notice the sign to the right of the door. Most of the older homes have a plaque on the front of their house with the date it was established. I love that!!!

Sorry for the garbage cans in the picture. Even historic homes have garbage day.

This home has beautiful forsythia bushes surrounding it. When they are in bloom it is really breathtaking.

I still remember the ugly blue indoor outdoor carpeting that used to line the front steps of this house. The current owner's have done an amazing job inside and out.

Better Homes and Gardens featured this home many years ago. It has changed ownership and has been a rental for some time now.  It has such potential!

The streets are lined with lot's of old trees.

 Can you see the light blue color on the ceiling above the front door?
 Love that.  

Don't you just love the porches!

This house has recently been renovated. When it was purchased the house had a very stained brick exterior. With a nice coat of paint and some landscaping it is truly beautiful.

I adore this window above the front door.
This is where the horses used to drink from in the olden days when there were still horse drawn carriages.

However, I would not recommend you try this now.
I hope you have enjoyed a tour of some of the historic homes in our town.
Please stop back anytime!


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Heidi said...

Florida is so "cookie cutter" when it comes to living arranagements -- no character!
Thanks for sharing--very pretty.

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