Monday, September 5, 2011

Garlic-Parmesan Haddock and Bill's Green Beans!!

I am so fortunate to have a husband that enjoys cooking as much as I do. Saturday night my hubby fixed this meal and it was not only delicious but healthy too. It was also nice to have a night off from cooking!!!

Grilled Garlic-Parmesan Haddock
4 Haddock Fillets
4 Tbsp. Butter or less
1 clove fresh garlic or 1 tsp. prepared garlic
3/4 cup Panko or seasoned breadcrumbs (we used seasoned)
2 Tbsp. Parmesan cheese (more to taste)

1. Melt butter in pan and saute garlic on low. Remove from heat. 2. Combine melted butter and garlic with bread crumbs in small bowl. Mix well. Add parmesan cheese and mix well. 3. Place foil on grill 4. Grill fillets for 5 minutes on direct heat. Add salt and pepper. 5. Place 3 Tbsp. of bread crumb mixture on top of fillets and grill for 7 more minutes on indirect heat.

Bill's Green Beans
Fresh green beans
garlic to taste
sesame oil
soy sauce (or just salt and pepper)
1. Cook green beans in salted water until fork tender 2. Blanch the green beans (submerge in cold/ice water to stop the cooking) 3. Put a little olive oil and garlic in a pan and gently saute. Add grean beans 4. At the end of cooking add some sesame oil and a couple of shakes of soy sauce. 5. Put green beans in bowl and do a few more shakes of sesame oil. 6. Garnish with sesame seeds

Thanks to our friend Bill and his family for sharing this recipe with us on one of their visits from Canada.


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Anonymous said...

You are very welcome!! I glad you like it.


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