Friday, October 7, 2011

New Antiquing Finds!

 I am not sure when my love for old things started. It might be when we moved into our 1940's cottage. I enjoy antiquing because you just never know what you might find. Even my kids like hunting for treasures with me. Imagine my delight last week when I discovered this:
An antique urn!!!
For about a year now I have been looking for an urn to go by our front door. Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this gem. I think I squealed and jumped up and down a little when he said I could have it for $50. I paid him quickly and put it in my van before he could change his mind on the price.

I love the patina it has and the colors could not go better with the house. Right now it has drift wood in it, I was just too excited to see how it would it look. This weekend I plan to give it a few Fall touches. I will post those on Monday.

I also picked up 2 printer drawers for our playroom to store and display our Lego men. It will be a safer alternative than having them on our window sills and floor (ouch!). They still need to be cleaned up a bit but I just had to see how it would look on the wall.  Now, should I leave it as is or paint it? What do you think?

This past Spring I found these suitcases at my mom's church sale. The ladies thought I was crazy to want them. I think I got them for a few dollars a piece. When I see suitcases my mind buzzes with ideas on how to use them.

Right now they store toys but I would love to see them in my boys room eventually.

Have a great Weekend!
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